This is my personal website - a place to write down some thoughts about topics that I find interesting and showcase some projects. I am an analyst, former scientist and freelance developer with over 15 years of experience. Being initially self taught, I started my way up from visual basic and the ADO/DAo world and Fortran 77 for numeric simulations. Upon discovering python (version 2.3) I started using it for all kind of automation tasks: building reporting pipelines, exporting measurement data from the bare-bones instruments into excel or similar user-friendly reporting tools. I consider my self a data scientist, but that’s a long story. Today, I am fascinated by stuff like XGboost, deep learning, and the simplicity of the Random Forest algorithm. While I have never worked as a full-time developer (I am an analyst at heart), I love to devour books,articles, tutorials, full-blown courses, speeches and conferences about analytics, web development, data science, algorithms and similar topics. I am planning to begin gathering material for a book (like there aren't already enough) about the mathematical and CS things that I care about. Yep.